Basement Renovation

Whyte Ridge

Project Brief:

Michael and Lindsay had a corner of the basement in their home that remained undeveloped. With their daughter moving to the basement bedroom, they wanted to add a walk-in closet and a three-piece bathroom while maintaining storage in both a furnace room and a sump room. In addition, they wanted a smooth, inviting transition to the area from their basement rec room.

The Final Product:

The biggest challenge with this project was fitting everything into about 300 square feet of undeveloped space. But we were able to accomplish it by developing a central “hub” with access to the bathroom, furnace room and sump room. The bathroom also has access from the bedroom via the walk-in closet. Using sliding doors to the bathroom limited the area utilized by “door swing” and also added a tonne of style.

We had an exciting basement renovation that Dustin and his team did an amazing job with!  We required a basement bedroom for our teenage daughter but wanted a studio suite built.  Within the suite we elected for a large walk in closet with large shelving units and a full bathroom linked to the entire suite.  The end result was incredible.  Dustin incorporated a smooth flow from the bedroom to closet to washroom.  Barn doors were used, which allowed for a very unique look while maximizing space.  He was also able to ensure the storage room and sump pump room, which surrounds the area were discreetly enclosed. In addition, Dustin was so pleasant to work with.  He had such a positive approach to our ideas and was very calm during construction which is unique in the industry.  He was able to source many different requests through his contacts and this made the final product very unique. Since our project was completed we have recommended Dustin and his team on several projects for friends and family.  I know they have all been very impressed.


Michael and Lindsay Dubowec

Whyte Ridge